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Here is some info about me:

My name is Dominik Rogosch, I’m originally a web designer and currently head of the graphics and development department of a medium-sized company. On the side I am involved in the development of a security product in the embedded area. In addition, I recently started studying computer science in part-time at a distance learning university.

Through my education I came to programming. First HTML and JavaScript, then PHP and MySQL. Over time, languages like Java, C (#/++) and Python have been added, as well as technologies like Git and Docker.

Over the last years I have worked on several projects. Partly security related (e.g. on a biometric access control using fingerprints).

My interest in IT security was sparked by my work as a programmer. Whether SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting or Buffer Overflows – I find the possibility to compromise a whole system by a single application very exciting.

In my blog I would like to share short articles about CTF writeups, IT security tools and other IT security related topics with you.